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We are one of the 50 official Facebook Marketing Partners worldwide

Regarding advertising technologies we are the only ones in Central and Eastern Europe.

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We are changing and directing
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We have been operating on the market for 8 years. Although we grew and develop our company we still preserve our values. We are changing and directing Online advertising while keeping personal and fair attitude to our employees as well as the business partners.

Facebook also appreciated our work when we were became the only Facebook partner for Central and Eastern Europe in advertising technologies. That´s why we get Facebook latest technologies and testing functions earlier than others.

on the market

We´ve got our own tool for managing ads – ROI Hunter. We are able to create and manage several times bigger number of ads than other companies while saving time.

We make marketers´ lives easier and their work more efficient. Facebook regards our tool as one of the most advanced worldwide.

As one of the few we have Doubleclick, a Google advertising platform, thanks to which we get our business partner in premium advertising positions across the Online marketplace.

We manage this all from our offices (Brno, Prague, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Warsaw and Berlin) in 89 countries all over the world.

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We´ve got our own projects like and, which have become full-advertising portals and category leaders on the market.