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Our CEO Karel’s first job was hunting grouse in England.
Our staff is made up of 6 nationalities.
We have 10 ‘office’ dogs who take different work shifts.
In 2018, 10 ‘corporate’ children were born.
We drink a lot of coffee, mostly from Brazil and Colombia.
Business Factory, like every other company, has formed a team of firefighters to fulfill the ‘’Safety and Health precautions while at work’’ requirements for fire security. Our boys take this responsibility very seriously and are proud to be Business Factory firefighters.
Our colleagues have a lot of cool hobbies - Klára makes and sells her own natural cosmetics, Dan sells T-shirts for the band Wohnout and Pavla dresses in historical costumes.
We are a total of 80 people working at Business Factory so there are 80 birthdays to celebrate every year!
Years ago, we laid the foundation for predictive remarketing. How do you ask? On the floor next to us was a fortune teller and that helped us a lot.
If our staff stood one on top of the other, we would measure roughly the same as Cheops's pyramid, 138 meters.
Honza Pátek, Managing Director, is the founder of the band Scooter's fan base in the Czech Republic.
We are big fans of the Rock for People festival. For some of us it´s gonna be the 13th RfP festival in a row.
What our colleagues have to say
Tomáš Havlík

Every day at Business Factory gives me the opportunity to hone my skills and deepen my knowledge by working with influential international clients and by leading a talented and inspiring team.

Tomáš Havlík | Head of Global Clients

Adam Vojáček

Business Factory has given me a chance to work on myself with the client and the team being the reason to. That used to be a challenge, as I used to concentrate on me exclusively. Working with the amazing people I found here has made me grow as a professional and a person.

Adam Vojáček | Innovation Manager

Vendula Kochanová

I have been working for Business Factory for more than 6 years, and it's amazing to look back at the journey we’ve had together. I am grateful that BF supports our potential and believes in our abilities. We have the opportunity to develop in a direction that is meaningful to us; each of us can do what we enjoy and what is best for us personally. My colleagues are real professionals, but they are also inspirational people who are a pleasure to work with (even on Monday mornings).

Vendula Kochanová | Creative Team Leader

Tomáš Jakal

At Business Factory, I found an inspiring environment where my colleagues are also my friends. I don’t see my work there as work, but as a challenge that can enrich me.

Tomáš Jakal | Brandformance Team Leader

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