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Slovakia-based company Sygic doubled the in-app purchases and decreased their CPI during the Black Friday campaign thanks to the strategy created in cooperation with Facebook Marketing Partner Business Factory.

increase in app purchases
decrease in CPA Purchase
of purchases from IG
increase in app installs

Their Story: Helping drivers reach destinations smoothly

Sygic is a global company focused on innovation in the way people travel with a strong brand awareness worldwide. They provide mapping and navigation solutions for various industries with the mission to connect smartphones with cars. One of their top products is GPS Navigation used by more than 200mil drivers in different countries. With this smart app, Sygic is helping users to reach their destinations smoothly all over the world. 

Their Goal: Navigating to potential users

Our goal was to support user acquisition within the mobile application during the short period of 5 days of Sygic’s Black Friday special promotion both on Android and iOS in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy. This campaign was centered around special discounts for new customers in the period before the high season. 

Our Solution: Full-funnel strategy leveraged by multi-platform reach and video creatives

The biggest challenge was to reach relevant customers likely to install the app and choose the premium licence within a short time. In Business Factory we came up with a solution which combined the strategy of creating a sense of urgency and targeting relevant users, featuring audiences similar to Sygic’s customers for each of the countries, together with fine-tuned interest targeting of potential travellers. 


Thanks to Facebook’s automatic placement optimisation we leveraged reaching prospects on multiple platforms including Instagram. Running ads on IG was a key factor in the strategy since it generated as much as 40% of all purchases. 


By using video creatives showing the actual app interface, we managed to attract a substantial wave of customers who converted instantly. In our retargeting campaigns, different creatives featuring extra add-ons in the app were shown to the users who did not convert. For this purpose we launched an Video Ads format which explained the details of these features and provided guidance on how they work. This strategy enabled us to reach the customers lower down the funnel and convince them that this product has a substantial value for them. 

Ads for acquisition:                                                           Ads for REM:


Our Success: Locating more conversions

  • 40% of purchases from IG
  • 100% increase in in-app purchases compared to 2018 Black Friday campaign
  • 17% decrease in CPA Purchase
  • 100% increase in app installs

Products used: 

  • Placement Optimisation
  • Video Ads
  • Core Targeting

Applying the full funnel strategy together with precise Facebook targeting capability enabled us to drive more sales in the app in less than a week.



Published: 15. 5. 2019

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