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The online fashion retailer worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Business Factory to help it achieve a 75% increase in sales and 15% increase in return on ad spend for its Ramadan Collection campaign.


Their story: Splash in fashion

Splash is one of the largest online fashion retailers in the Middle East. Part of the Landmark group, Splash has over 200 stores across 14 countries worldwide. Considered a trendsetter in the region, the brand boasts an extensive, award-winning collection of popular clothing for women, men and teens.

Their Goal: Increasing sales during Ramadan

We worked with Splash to help promote the brand’s new Ramadan Collection and make use of the season to generate sales. In particular, Splash wanted to increase overall online sales and use Ramadan as an opportunity to acquire new customers.

Our Solution: Dynamic during Ramadan

Working with Splash since early 2017, we were already familiar with how best to optimize Splash’s campaigns for maximum conversions. To build on the loyalty of existing Splash customers and reach potential new customers, the team developed a Custom Audience of existing customers, and then created and targeted a lookalike audience based on them.

The team used multiple ad formats to reach different segments. Thanks to the platform ROI Hunter we retargeted dynamic video ads to people who had added a product to their cart but did not complete the purchase process. Using a new product feed it created for the Ramadan collection launch, the team showed these visitors ads featuring the products they had considered before. This ensured that Splash brought people back to the site.

Finally, we worked with Splash’s in-house creative team to make sure its ads used striking, vibrant images to stand out during a very competitive Ramadan period. ROI Hunter’s platform also helped identify which ad format performed best among different audience segments so that sales were maximized.

Our Success: A splurge of sales

From May 26–June 24, 2017, Splash worked with ROI Hunter’s platform, and used Facebook’s Custom Audiences, dynamic ads for remarketing and various other ad formats to drive sales, reach new customers and achieve the following results:

  • 75% increase in sales during Ramadan
  • 43% lower cost per click during Ramadan
  • 80% increase in conversion rate
  • 15% higher return on ad spend
  • 1.6X increase in click-through rate

"Working with ROI Hunter, we used various Facebook products, including dynamic ads, the collection format and ads in Instagram Stories, and discovered the optimal format that worked to drive sales with our customer base and new customers. ROI Hunter knew best to leverage these ad formats to maximize sales, which was the key reason for our success during Ramadan." 

Shaheer Usmani, Digital Marketing Manager, Landmark Group


Published: February 2018, ROI Hunter

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