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The Georgia-based betting and gaming site more than doubled new user registrations during the 2018 World Cup, thanks to an exciting automated Facebook ad campaign created with the help of Facebook Marketing Partner Business Factory.

more registrations, compared to previous period
more deposits placed during campaign
increase in bets placed during campaign

Their Story: Let the games begin

europebet.com is an online platform where sports and gaming fans can place bets on their favorite teams, as well as play poker, casino, table and slot games.

Their Goal: Attracting active customers

europebet.com wanted to attract a new wave of customers to the platform, then encourage them to open an account and place a deposit so that they could place bets during the 2018 soccer World Cup.


Our Solution: An invitation to play

With multiple matches taking place during the World Cup tournament, and with betting odds changing constantly, europebet.com’s biggest challenge was to offer accurate and up-to-date betting odds information in its ads. It turned to Facebook Marketing Partner Business Factory for help in delivering a campaign that could feed real-time product data into ads on a large scale.

To attract customers in the run-up to specific matches, the team chose the carousel ad format, along with a call to action to open a europebet.com account. Using ROI Hunter’s Template Editor, europebet.com created multiple ads, featuring branded backgrounds, match information, team kit graphics and the latest betting odds.


ROI Hunter set up a product feed that automatically added the latest odds for matches mentioned in the ads and refreshed the information every 15 minutes. The ROI Hunter platform automatically delivered the ads at times to coincide with the matches. These ads were shown to male football fans who had never visited europebet.com.

People who opened an account in response to the prospecting ads were shown new dynamic ads featuring the matches they had shown interest in, alongside the latest odds and a call to action to make a deposit. ROI Hunter’s Refine Audience tool excluded people who spent less than 8 seconds on the europebet.com website, which helped focus the budget on the people who were most likely to covert.


Our Success: Scoring a hat-trick

The 30-day World Cup campaign brought europebet.com outstanding results:

  • 2.5X more registrations, compared to previous period
  • 2.5X more deposits placed during campaign
  • 76% increase in bets placed during campaign

Products Used

"Because we were able to create relevant and up-to-date ads at scale, we succeeded in growing our user base and taking people from new registrants to active users in a very short space of time. We also saw a reduction in the cost of acquisition and the cost per action." 

Lasha Gogua, CMO, europebet.com


Published: 24. 9. 2018, Facebook

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