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E-commerce platform identified the best acquisition strategy generating 190 % lift in conversions.

190.8 %
lift in conversions
18.5 %
lower CPL
incremental conversions

Their Story: E-commerce technology accessible to all merchants

Ecwid, an e-commerce solution based partly in the US and partly in Russia, is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling online. Operating in 175 countries, Ecwid e-commerce platform is designed for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business by selling through online stores and on social media channels.


Their Goal: Strategy based on incrementality

Eager to understand which strategy is more effective in terms of volume and cost of incremental conversion, Ecwid teamed up with Business Factory and Facebook Marketing Science team to run a multicell-conversion lift. The measurement tested a hypothesis that using the conversion optimization alone may result in eliminating the chance of getting the ads in front of highly relevant users due to the limitations of the conversion window and that optimizing for conversions and landing page views together, might be more effective in B2B sector respectively.


Our Solution: Testing the strategies

Ecwid ran 2 campaigns promoting their service - one optimized for conversions and one optimized for both conversions and landing page views using 80/20 budget division. Audiences were divided into 2 groups - one group that were exposed to the ads and another that were not.


Leveraging users seeing the best combination of creative assets and copy thanks to Dynamic Creative, both campaigns offered an online store solution to small business owners based on interests and lookalike audiences on Facebook in the USA. The measurement period was 4 weeks with an additional 14 days of limited promotion for these target groups in order to ensure clean data. 

Our Success: Identification of the campaign tactic

Identification of the campaign tactic 

During the 1-month campaign, Ecwid thanks to the combined optimization of conversion and landing page optimization generated: 

  • 190.8 % lift in incremental conversions
  • 18.5 % lower CPL
  • 204 incremental conversions

Products used

  • Measurement
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Dynamic creative optimization
  • Placement optimization

"I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical this would work. We keep hearing to let the algorithm do the work so not choosing conversions as the goal seemed counterintuitive. But our case was a bit different so we had to trick the algorithm a bit and it definitely worked. Basically we attracted a huge group of new customers at a much lower price because we were willing to experiment. Thanks to Business Factory and Facebook Marketing Science team!" 

Jesse Ness 

Director of Growth Marketing, Ecwid, Inc. 


Published: 29. 1. 2020

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