The global retail brand saw a 20% revenue lift in Poland when the agency Business Factory managed their campaigns on Facebook using platform ROI Hunter. It enabled to track and measure the impact of Facebook activity on offline sales.

lift in revenue
ROAS from offline conversion campaign
ROAS from store visits campaign

Their Story: Where coffee lives

One of the world's most recognized coffee brands, Tchibo has been active in the Polish market since 1992. Tchibo also offers other products, such as clothing, household items, electronics and electrical appliances. It now has 55 shops across the country, as well as an established online presence.

Their Goal: Making the most of data

Tchibo wanted to know whether it could boost online conversions and, by improving its data measurement, identify the impact of Facebook activity on offline sales in its stores. By taking part in Facebook Marketing Partner Retail Incubator program and running a test campaign in Poland, Tchibo had the chance to find out.

Our Solution: Optimization and integration

The platform ROI Hunter specializes in optimizing e-commerce campaigns. In Facebook Marketing Partner Retail Incubator program, dedicated teams work directly with brands on everything from strategy to campaign planning, implementation, optimization, and data integration.

Facebook and our specialists from Business Factory designed a 3-phase approach for Tchibo. First, the team ran a series of remarketing and prospecting campaigns using Facebook dynamic ads, which were tailored for maximum impact using the conversions ad objective. The value of conversions and return on ad spend were the campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs). The team also carefully segmented its ad audience based on people’s recent activity on the Tchibo website (for example, those who spent very little time on the website were excluded from the remarketing ads).

Next, Tchibo integrated data from offline conversions tracked via the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system—such as transactions made in Tchibo’s stores—so that it could track people’s behavior and identify the relationship to their Facebook activity. These CRM data were integrated to ROI Hunter platform using the Universal Data Connector tool, which securely stores and encrypts data. Then Tchibo only had to prepare a daily export of conversion data from its CRM system, which was automatically and securely sent directly to the ROI Hunter platform via an application programming interface (API). Tchibo could then measure the effects of Facebook activity on offline conversions in real time.

With offline conversion tracking set up, Tchibo then ran a further campaign using the store visits ad objective to drive customers to its retail outlets. This campaign used geotagging to ensure that the ads mentioned the store located nearest to the person viewing the ad.

Tchibo encouraged people to take action on its dynamic ads by offering time-limited discounts alongside images of the products people were most likely to respond to. In the store visits campaign, the creative evoked a home-away-from-home feel, showing laid-back lifestyle moments and some of the products available in Tchibo stores. These ads also featured a “Get directions” call to action to direct people to the nearest Tchibo store.

Our Success: More in store

Tchibo’s campaign with ROI Hunter helped prove the impact of online activity on its offline sales in Poland. It also demonstrated that both online and offline sales could be significantly improved by optimizing campaigns and integrating data. This approach will help the company plan marketing budgets for other regions and measure the impact of multi-channel campaigns even more effectively in the future.


  • 20% lift in revenue
  • 3.5X return on ad spend from offline conversion campaign
  • 4.9X return on ad spend from store visits campaign

Product used

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Offline Conversions
  • CRM integration
  • Facebook Marketing Partner Retail incubator
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