Solutions for Real Money Gambling

Fast whitelisting, CRM data integration and Dynamic Ads do the best for you.

Thanks to the cooperation with leading gambling clients in CEE (for example Fortuna or we have found out that this real money gambling (RMG) vertical is really specific due to law restrictions in every single country. How could we help you with being  no.1?


Facebook has already whitelisted RMG companies in 62 countries of the world and more are on the way. Let us handle it for you! For our clients, it usually only took up to 4 weeks.

Increasing user retention

Based on SDK and the FB pixel we are able to show the most relevant content to the right people and measure their behaviour on the website. This gives us the chance to customize our creative approach for every step of the funnel and increase advertisement activity where it matters the most.

Automating ad generation

We don’t waste the client’s time and energy on creating ads for each match and betting event. We just need a product feed and a graphic template. The rest we do automatically via Facebook Dynamic Ads. During the FIFA World Cup in Russia, europebet used Dynamic Ads to get the maximum out of their FB Ads which led to a 250% increase in new deposits and registrations - read more about it in our success story. Our tools can generate ads quickly in large scale based on fully customizable templates.

Measuring impact of online to offline

Using our Universal Retail Connector we are able to reach all relevant people in the radius around all your betting shops in bulk (based on the integration with Google Place) and drive foot traffic and offline bets. Thanks to the collection of your offline conversions data we are able to move your customers from offline to online and activate them to bet on your website and in your app instead of visiting your betting shops.

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