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Why work with us?

Our beloved Vendy got a brand new team, the team of creative people who do graphics, love social media and know how to attract people besides showing them stories and pictures. These guys are the bunch of cool people who work for our clients and make their social media fun for the right target group! There is just one catch to it. They are missing one of their kind to be perfect. The one who is enjoying living online, the one who loves Facebook and Instagram, the one who would POST! This position is part-time only.
Yes, you are guessing right, these lines will be about him/her/you.

Here’s what you will do

  • Facebook & Instagram posting
  • Posting plans
  • Facebook & Instagram posting
  • Boosting posts
  • Facebook & Instagram posting
    But also :-)
  • Communication with the graphics team and with an account manager
  • Community management
  • Analysis of the results and reporting

What about you?

You are who you are and we don’t want to change you (if): 

  • You want to work part-time with the prospect of joining us for a full-time position later on 
  • You can create something amazing out of nothing 
  • We can count on you even though you have a bad day or an exam at school 
  • You communicate well, also in English 
  • Your team means the world to you 


What do we need you to know?

  • How to write and not just to write but copywrite well, in Czech!
  • Instagram and Facebook page management
  • How to boost posts and create an easy paid ad on Facebook
  • What Google Analytics is and how to find certain data in it

You will be ahead if you know

  • You are able to create some graphics 
  • You can take pictures which (also other people think) are nice 
  • You like keeping yourself updated about latest news in marketing and social media 
  • You have your own Facebook/Instagram page and you take care of it

What is in it for you?

  • An opportunity to work with world-class clients
  • Flexible working hours and home office, because we don't need you to be in the office 8 hours a day
  • Education budget and the right to choose what you want to use it for
  • Possibility to learn something new every day from like-minded people
  • Pleasant working place with an informal atmosphere
  • Multisport card and a bunch of sporty colleagues, who signed up, even though they never go. Will you be the one to get them to come?
  • Summer and winter office - a teambuilding week by the sea during summer and skiing in the mountains during winter


What our colleagues have to say

Lenka Multáňová

Working at Business Factory is both my hobby and my job. I am surrounded by many great people who inspire me and move me forward. We are not just colleagues, we are a big family.

Lenka Multáňová | Facebook Ads Team Leader

Adam Vojáček

Business Factory has given me a chance to work on myself with the client and the team being the reason to. That used to be a challenge, as I used to concentrate on me exclusively. Working with the amazing people I found here has made me grow as a professional and a person.

Adam Vojáček | Google division Manager

Vendula Kochanová

I have been working for Business Factory for more than 6 years, and it's amazing to look back at the journey we’ve had together. I am grateful that BF supports our potential and believes in our abilities. We have the opportunity to develop in a direction that is meaningful to us; each of us can do what we enjoy and what is best for us personally. My colleagues are real professionals, but they are also inspirational people who are a pleasure to work with (even on Monday mornings).

Vendula Kochanová | Creative Manager

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