Social Media & Communities

Build your brand, communicate with your customers and influence 5 million people with our assets in Czech Republic.

Brand and performance go hand in hand. Every performance campaign must be in sync with the brand; it should be a part of the brand-building and, at the same time, the brand-building should be beneficial for sales, just from the long-term perspective. If you want to build a powerful brand, you need to use different marketing channels. One of the basic principles is, of course, online marketing and specifically social media marketing.

What can we offer:

  • Setting communication strategy
  • Managing Facebook & Instagram profiles
  • Creating post plan - graphic, copy, photos
  • Setting tone of voice
  • Competitors analysis
  • Creating original graphic style
  • Setting boosting strategy
  • Community management and customer care

We´ve been building brands and communities for the past ten years and have experiences with many verticals (FMCG, banking, music industry, retailers). We have plenty of experience with big corporate companies as well as with small local clients. We are in connection with our performance department = performance and content are cooperating units (that means sharing of custom audiences, using ROI Hunter for better targeting and segmentation of audiences etc.)

We are official Administrator of Facebook Community Leadership Circles

Because we're intensively working with communities, Facebook has entrusted us with the development of groups in the official Community Leadership Circles program for group admins in the Czech Republic. This means that we are responsible for developing comunity eco-system on Facebook in CZ by working with 350+ top influencers/communities and brands. 

If you are a manager of a Facebook group and you want to be a part of the Facebook CLC group apply here, we will review your application within 2 business days (

How we can engage people on Facebook with your brand? 

Reach millions of video views, communicate with your customers, influence 5.000.000 people in our network.

  • Over 5.000.000 people linked to Facebook pages
  • Over 100.000 people in different focus groups
  • Combination of organic and paid promotion to maximize our reach
  • Sophisticated brand building strategies through our own projects
  • Working with young companies but also with big international players

Online magazines

We have formed 4 communities around different topics that have own websites that have more than 2.000.000 readers monthly:

This gives us a lot of data about interests and online behaviour of different people in CZ&SK and you can also benefit from direct work with these communities.

We’ll take your business to the next level.

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