Social Media Management

Importance of social media

Although social media management and community management are interlinked, each has its own goals and priorities. 

While the goal of social media management is reaching new customers and communicating with the existing ones, the goal of community management is building mutually valuable relationships with your customers, target audiences and anybody else who directly or indirectly interacts with your brand.

The Business Factory team set up the communication according to our demands. They conducted a well-designed consumer analysis and subsequently prepared a communication strategy which both entertains and educates our fans, resulting in their growing numbers.

Jiří Procházka
Digital Marketing Manager CE, Groupe SEB

Social Media Management

In order to ensure that our clients reach new customers and engage existing ones on social media, our creative professionals create highly effective content (image, video, text) that attracts attention and is memorable. Once such content is generated and approved by clients’, our social media experts publish the content in the right place and the right time, and consequently make sure, that the content gets to the right audience. By regularly measuring the results and optimizing the content accordingly, we then maximize the effectiveness to achieve our clients’ business goals.

Community Management

In the context of digital market, a community comprises of your customers, target audiences and anybody else who directly or indirectly interacts with your brand. Community management, therefore, consist of areas such as customer service, market monitoring and most importantly, relationship building which take place online, mainly social media. As the result, community management gives brands control over the following:

  • customer service and management of customer complaints
  • spread of word-of-mouth (both positive and negative)
  • winning over influencers and public
  • building customer loyalty and brand advocacy
  • crisis management

For most of our clients, we merge both of the above-mentioned disciplines which gives our clients a unique opportunity to take advantage of all the mentioned benefits. To learn more about the business effects, see the selected case studies below

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