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Whether you are an online marketing agency, affiliate marketing company, performance company, or and other media buyer, you may face issues when advertising on Facebook, Google, TikTok, or any other channel. And these are only going to get worse due to stronger requirements and their enforcement in the near future.

We are here, whenever media buying presents any challenge to you.

  • Ensure meeting all policies and best practice
  • Benefit from our industry reputation
  • Use our stable credit line and get clear reports
  • Professional set-up for long-term success
  • Get unblocked or premium whitelisted
  • Get our help with any advertising problem

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Rejected ads & blocked accounts

With the ever changing policies and rules, it may seem impossible to keep the pace, especially with the rise of new social media and advertising platforms on a regular basis. Let us resolve your queries for you and in the meantime teach you how to prevent such issues in the future.

Direct support

It may be difficult and time-consuming to resolve various problems of online advertising, from ad rejections and blocked Business Manager bugs, to claiming rights to Facebook pages created by former employees. It is because your query may not even get to a real person, and just gets banned automatically.

We are partners of Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger…), Google and TikTok and thus we solve such issues with the real Facebook representatives (e.g. policy team, integrity team, science team, creative team). And if too complicated even for them, we resolve the issues with our official agency client partners allocated to Business Factory.

Credit line & prepayment

Charging advertisers on a regular basis based on the gained results may be suitable for some. But others may prefer regularity and the ability to plan ahead. With Business Factory partnership, you can prepay the advertising space as much in advance as you wish, or up to 2 months later using our credit line (subject to contractual agreement and approval by ad space provider).

Consultancy and advisory

We have vast experience with resolving various problems our clients face. Including but definitely not limited to getting your business verified, whitelisting, unblocking accounts or claiming rights to your assets such as Facebook page. We will educate you in the best practice and assist you in achieving your goals, both large and small ones. On top of that, we regularly send out news and useful tips to all of our clients, free of charge.         

Furthermore, we partner with companies that offer the most advanced technologies out there and thus our clients can benefit from discounted rates charged for the use of otherwise often unaffordable tools such as ROI Hunter, Marketing, or LeadHub.


Industries such as real money gambling (e.g. casinos, betting companies) or dating are significantly disadvantaged in terms of online advertising as ad space providers (e.g. Facebook,

Since November 2020, Facebook also limits political ads. Since then, political promotion is thoroughly checked as it needs to follow various rigorous rules. We keep track of any policy updates and thus we can navigate you through the extra processes quickly and with ease.


We calculate our fees based on the scope of required client partnership and the volume of advertising spends. This ensures that the final budget is suitable for a company of your size and that you get the exactly as much assistance as you need. Moreover, we can work with both a flat fees and percentage-based fees, making sure our fees are profitable and sustainable for you. Contact us for calculating your individual price with current rates.

Let's cooperate

We'll grow you