Marketing Data Science

Power of marketing data

Do you want to have periodical recommendations how to grow your business and save marketing money? We will empower your inhouse marketing department and give you a strong weapon allowing you to know how to most effectively split your marketing budget, forecast your business results and manage your marketing decisions based on real data. 

Inhousing marketing data

We will help you gain control over your marketing data, decrease dependencies on agencies, find and train your own digital marketers. Make transition from your current agency to your inhouse solution smooth and productive.

Marketing consultancy empowered by data science

We will set-up your marketing infrastructure including your own marketing data warehouse, audit current marketing activities, use data scientists to create forecasting models based on your business goals to find new opportunities to grow your business and stop inefficient marketing investments.

Building tailored marketing data intelligence

We will create your own marketing intelligence that connects all your marketing channels and store value with every next campaign to give you fast managerial views, automate marketing processes or campaign optimisation. You can use our data driven attribution and various outputs also for your own business intelligence. 

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    Learn & listen

    We gather data from all your marketing channels and learn more about your business goals and the way how your business operates.


    We create a marketing data warehouse and apply machine learning to your historical data to create forecasts and see impact of different media on delivery of your goals.

    Grow your business

    Our analytics team-up with your marketers to make the data actionable and your live easier. Your marketing data will become asset of your company and marketing budgets will be spent as efficiently as possible.

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