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It has never been easier to develop and release a game, however most games disappear without a trace. This is where gaming online marketing by online marketing technology agency Business Factory comes in.

One of the greatest challenges faced by most game developers today is gaining visibility in a crowded marketplace. The App Store alone offered 957,390 individual gaming apps in 2020 and each day there are new games being released that fight for users’ attention.

Most game-developer brands have a team of highly experienced developers, who can design and develop a fun and interactive game. These skills however, do not help at all with marketing your game after its release, if you do not have extensive experience with digital marketing.

Specific best practices for game development are always changing and the same applies for digital marketing. If you lack these competencies in your team today, partner up with Business Factory and let the experts market your game for you.

Create a splash (pre-launch)

  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Online marketing strategy development
  • Identification of relevant marketing channels
  • Pixel/SDK tracking integration set-up
  • Creative & content development
  • Positioning and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) polishing
  • Ideation, creation and implementation of a Brand Awareness campaign
  • Ideation, creation and implementation of a Pre-order campaign

Get them to install (app Install)

Utilization of Dynamic ads to show the most relevant content for each user
Promotion of the game in digital stores
Show ads only when users specifically search for the most relevant keywords
Identification of the best performing audiences to target
Use of video content to showcase the game’s unique features

Maximize in-game transactions (app events)

Target audiences based on the way they interact with the game

Set-up algorithms within digital marketing systems to only target audiences with the highest statical likelihood of performing a transaction event in your game

Promote the benefits of in-game transactions with the most resonating creatives and value propositions

Extend the lifespan of your game (remarketing)

Reactivation of dormant users
Target individual users based on their historical in-game activity, period of time without engagement or personal interests
Incentivise users to re-engage through special offers

Why Business Factory

Business Factory is a digital agency operating in the market since 2009.  Since then, we have become the official partner of Facebook, Google and TikTok and have opened five offices around the world. With our own advertising technology and top-notch know-how, we move the boundaries of online marketing for our clients worldwide.

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