Brand Awareness

Build a long-term value

Building a brand that is perceived for example as highly valuable, socially responsible and reliable is no easy task. Furthermore, while it may take a long time to build such a brand, its reputation may be lost in a matter of seconds and a few shares on social media. That is why our strategic marketers and brand building experts make sure that our clients’ brand campaigns will be measurably highly effective not only in long-term, but in short-term too.

Data-driven approach

We typically start our brand campaigns by understanding our clients, their business and product portfolio. Consequently, we research data from the whole industry and we make sure that the gained insight is reflected in both our creatives and the placement of the advertising. We measure various results over time, optimize the campaigns accordingly, and provide our clients with comprehensive reports as well as strategic brand building consultancy.

Our methods include, but are not limited, to:

  • Scientific approach to marketing based on behavioral economics, psychology and sociology
  • Measuring all branding dimensions such as brand favorability or brand memorability

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