Retail Solutions

Boost your in-store visits and purchases thanks to online campaigns.

Retail challenges

Thanks to our cooperation with 20+ of the leading retailers in Europe and the Middle East (e.g. Tesco, Allegro, Domino’s Pizza, Tchibo, and Zoot) we have learned that retailers need tailored advertising solutions that can connect their customers’ offline behaviour to their online campaigns. At the same time, we see a massive shift in user behaviour – mobile is the new shop window, and the need for efficient and personalized online advertising is bigger than ever. This led us to create our own Retail Solution - a full suite consisted of technologies that aim to solve the challenges mentioned above via Facebook ads.


Measuring the impact of Facebook ads on your brand

Being able to measure the impact of Facebook ads on my brands through the use of traditional metrics (ad recall, brand lift) means that there is data that shows the impact of Facebook. This data can help defend why to invest more energy in this channel.

Budget allocation

One problem that arises it that besides the “general” brand budget needed, there needs to be a specific budget allocated for every store to support the need to run ads that will contribute to their in-store visits. There is a need for such data that shows the impact on each store.

Increasing sales

At the end of the day, revenue is what matters. In order to maximise ROI one needs to understand what is the direct impact of their campaigns on revenue and optimise towards that.

Automating a tedious and time-consuming processes

When you need to scale your efforts plug in Facebook into your existing creatives processes so that campaigns are automated with dynamically generated creatives.

Making informed decisions

Another important challenge is understanding the data gathered during previous phases, so you know what to improve.

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