Retail Solution

Boost your in-store visits and purchases thanks to online campaigns.

Retail challenges

Thanks to cooperation with 20+ leading retailers in Europe and the Middle East (for example Allegro, Domino´s Pizza, Tchibo, and Zoot) we have learned that retailers need very specific advertising solution that would connect offline behaviour of their customers with online campaigns. At the same time, we see a massive shift in user behaviour – mobile is the new shop window and the need of efficient and personalized online advertising is bigger than ever. This led us to create our own Retail Solution - that is a full suite of technologies covering challenges mentioned above via Facebook ads.

What is the impact of Facebook ads on your brand?

  • Brand campaign and survey in one package without any required integrations
  • Providing advertising measurement tools independent on your data those can measure ad recall, favorability of your brand and other custom metrics
  • Brand lift one-stop-shop for retailers

Retail Accelerator

In addition to this Retail Solution, together with Facebook, we run a unique program called Retail Accelerator. Selected retailers can get free services, ad impressions and be featured on Facebook for Business. If you are interested in, feel free to contact us.

How to boost in-store visits?

  • Integration with Google Places to enable in-store visit campaigns on Facebook
  • Integration with Google Places
  • Quick location upload
  • Manage all your locations from one central spot
  • Aggregate check-ins on the main page
  • Offer localized content and local ads

Boost and measure in-store sales

  • Universal connector to your POS
  • Connection of your POS, CRM or any other data with Facebook
  • We can work with any silos (customers data, transactions data, different stores)
  • Real-time integration that is secured (no readable data leaves your servers) 
  • We can optimize campaigns towards your offline sales

How to convert leaflets into personalized creatives?

  • Dynamic Circular Ads
  • We can tap into your creative workflow to read automatically products that you want to promote in different locations. 
  • These products will be displayed to Facebook users personalized depending on their location and preferences 
  • Dynamic carousel Ads can even include dynamic videos combining brand elements (from your TV ads) and products,


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