Innovation Lab

How to make our clients more successful with a unique technological solution

Why we are investing 1M EUR into Innovation Lab?

Working 10 years with leading advertisers across the market, we have learned that we need to think long term and invest into the future in order to be relevant in the market and bring the highest added value to our clients. At the same time, we see that online marketing is evolving the way that strategic approach powered by data and technology is becoming more important than just execution of campaigns since AI and automation can replace repetitive human tasks and make traditional agency approach obsolete.  


Pushing the boundaries of marketing through technology

We have always been striving to push the boundaries of marketing through technology; In the beginning of Business Factory, we created a system that managed thousands of keywords on 10.000+ websites. Later on, we created internal tools for managing Facebook campaigns for businesses that were chosen by Facebook into Facebook Accelerator. These tools eventually became Then we created platforms, and a suite of online-to-offline technologies for retailers.  

We see that our technologies are making our clients more successful and even inspiring giants such as Facebook and Google, but we are just in the beginning. We have decided to invest 1M EUR over the course of 5 years into Innovation Lab with a mission to bring new ad technologies that enable clients to grow using big data and personalized creatives at scale.  

Marketing Data Warehouses

We are building Marketing Data Warehouses where we aggregate data from all advertising channels, CRM, PoS, offline data and measurement platforms that our clients use and apply machine learning on large data-sets to enable data-driven decisions and more precise and personalized ads. At the same time, we are working on solutions that enable retailers to optimize online ads towards offline sales and understand the audience of their brick and mortar stores.

Marketing Technology Partner

We consider that it is not only an investment in innovation, but it also shows how we want to work with our clients. We do not see our role as just another agency in the market, but a technological partner that can, thanks to our scalable access to Facebook and Google resources, create a marketing solution that enables the growth of our clients. Therefore our business model is not to invoice as many hours as possible, but we are a marketing technology partner of Facebook and Google that is investing into the most innovative clients because we believe that only this way we can be a true partner for their success. 

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