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Our work is a symbiosis of marketing experience, technology and innovation, built on global marketing data and continuous testing.

We are a Google Premier Partner. 

We received our badge in November 2014. We value this milestone in our growth since it is an official acknowledgment of our skill and expertise.


And what does the partnership with Google mean for you, our client?

  • Access to Alpha features for your account before they are introduced to standard advertisers
  • Quicker whitelisting Google tools
  • Access to data a analysis from the Google database (verticals, markets, keywords and search statistics)
  • Direct technical support from Google

We are premier Google Partners

We help clients through our technology and experience

Our team, certified in all Google Ads products (Search, Display, Mobile, Apps, Video and Shopping), consists of specialists with a complex background. Experience and knowledge in a variety of online marketing activities ensure a holistic approach to projects and their long-term development. We have had experience in a variety of verticals and business types (car industry, retail, e-commerce, B2B, healthcare etc.) and have worked with clients worldwide.

As innovation is in our DNA, we turn our knowledge into practices and technologies. Thanks to close cooperation with programmers who help us with the technical challenges and with whom we design tools to help our clients grow - from simple automation scripts to banner creation and feed management ecosystem.

What have we worked on?

  • Clickbait Killer - Display prospecting represents a great opportunity but also a challenge. Low-quality webs will mar your performance. Our killer will rid you of those placements for good.
  • Master negative database - Once identified, bad placements are put in a database that is connected to every account we work on.
  • HTML5 banner creator - Our current project - a tool that will create banners in scale. It will allow you to create banners using your product feed, web or any picture you feel should be used. Create whole campaigns in minutes!

We are currently a part of Export Guru, a select export business program from Google Partners for selected leading Czech agencies. The aim of the program is to support the building of comprehensive export strategies.

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