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Facebook Marketing Partners for Ads

Our goal is to use the full potential of Facebook Ads and create a unique solution for every client and boost your business in scale. Thanks to our knowhow and advanced technologies which goes far beyond standard Facebook features we are able to manage campaigns for big global brands, cover full-funnel strategies with Facebook Ads and reach your goals. 


What does it mean for you to cooperate with Business Factory? 

  • Use of your online and offline data to personalize and optimize your ads  
  • Real-time integration of your data (CRM, POS) with Facebook  
  • Ads connection with 3rd party measurement platforms (Google Analytics, AppsFlyer...)  
  • Creative studio with integrated Video and Template Editor 
  • Sentiment Measuring & perception analysis 
  • Access to Facebook and Instagram Alpha features  
  • Preview of new ad formats before they are introduced to standard advertisers  
  • Apps, pages and ad accounts whitelisting 
  • If our client has any technical problem (blocked pages, hacked accounts, policy violation, billing issues, etc.), we are able to connect directly with the Facebook team and solve it quickly.

Why does Facebook have an ecosystem of Facebook Marketing Partners?

Facebook has a native ads solution that is very universal – it is used by both small and big advertisers from all verticals but this isn’t optimal for large advertisers because they might have specific needs and their vertical could benefit from features that are tailored to its need. Since FB cannot cover all these needs they created an ecosystem called Facebook Marketing Partners who do this on their behalf.

This is great added value for advertisers and enables Facebook to grow faster. However, since Facebook Marketing Partners are operating with FB data and infrastructure at scale, they must have a lot of support from FB engineers and product teams. This is the reason why FB has only about 100 advertising Facebook Marketing Partners globally and we are in the group of so called High touch Partners which is much smaller - their strategy is to focus on quality and making a big impact rather than the amount of partners.


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