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Facebook Performance Day Kiev



Find out how to improve your Facebook game and strategy to get the best sales this year for Black Friday and the holiday season! Attend our event in Kiev and learn from the most skilled Facebook marketers in the CEE region.

Kostiantynivska St, 71
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September 26th
from 9:00 AM
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Meet our speakers who are here to inspire you and share all their knowledge with you.

Tomas Havlik
Business Factory Prague

Tom has been helping large businesses for more than 4 years now. He leads a global division in Business Factory and manages the largest e-comm in Poland.

Karol Kwiatkowski
Business Factory Poland

Karol is a top e-comm specialist. In Poland he manages campaigns of the largest retail store with electro and he generates them millions of revenues each month.

Peter Podolinsky
Business Factory Prague

Peter started his career in advertising and digital agencies, in various client-facing positions. He also worked in Sales at Facebook and ROI HUNTER and is currently working with Business Factory as their Client Partner.


Facebook Marketing - What's New?

Latest ads products, features and tools

Let's have a look at all the new stuff that Facebook prepared for advertisers. We will focus on performance marketing.


Peter Podolinsky
Business Factory Prague
Retail and eCommerce in High Season

Inspiration from the relevant segments 

How to tackle challenges Retailers and eCommerce players are facing before their key season, Black Friday and Christmas.

Tomas Havlik
Business Factory Prague
Creative approach to performance marketing

How creativity boosts performance 

Tip, tricks and examples how to tackle creativity in the dynamic environment of Facebook ads.

Karol Kwiatkowski
Business Factory Poland
Innovations and new opportunities

Using data driven insights with Innovation Lab 

Innovation Lab enables advertisers to make their ads more personal, effective and precisely targeted.

Peter Podolinsky
Business Factory Prague
Summary and learnings
Tomas Havlik
Business Factory Prague
Discussion, networking

Tips, Trends and Know-How Sharing

Get inspired by the latest trends in Facbook Ads.

Facebook Marketing Inspiration for High Season

Learn how to improve your campaign strategy before the holiday season.


Meet others from e-comm and retail in Kiev and discuss the current problems and solutions.

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