It’s a pleasure for us to share our knowledge and educate the market.

Our mission is to educate the market

Thanks to our Facebook partnership, we have fresh and proven news, case studies, tips and manuals for business use right from the source. We do not leave our knowhow and best practices for ourselves and pass them on to professionals and enthusiasts in Facebook's performance marketing business.

Online magazine about Facebook Marketing

We are preparing for you Newsfeed - the magazine focused on Facebook and Instagram marketing. Agency specialists, freelancers and Facebookers provide information on how to achieve better results in marketing, communication, or sales campaigns and are the latest tools to set up strategies and tactics for your business.

Newsfeed magazines boast the following numbers:

Education events for public

We are organising the Newsfeed DAY conference, which is the only one in the Czech Republic focused on Facebook and Instagram marketing. The conference brings case studies, inspirational stories and lectures by professionals, leading marketing personalities and representatives from Facebook. 

We also provide our experience through consultations or training for individuals and businesses.

We’ll take your business to the next level.

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