Data Driven Creatives

Get personalised designs based on performance data at scale.

Creative Factory

Our inhouse team produces banners and videos based on their knowledge of plenty of results of brand and performance campaigns. Especially during creation of Facebook and Instagram campaigns we also use our platform ROI Hunter. This advanced marketing automation platform for e-commerce was recently recognized as one of 60 Facebook Creative Partners globally through the accreditation of a Facebook Marketing Partner Creative Badge.

What we do inhouse?

  • Creative scenarios
  • Product photoshooting
  • Online banners and videos creations
  • Dynamic image and video ads using external data
  • Video editing by converting TV ads into suitable online formats

Increase your ROI with personalized creatives

We have technology that enables our ihnouse team to produce dynamic data driven creatives. What does it mean for your campaign?

With our technology it is possible to put real time information into your creatives about your service, adjust the creative with images of the city where the given user lives, the weather information or even personalized coupons with a loyalty promo code.  

Below you can see an example of dynamic creatives from our client Paddy Power Betfair which is the leading sports betting company in the UK. Ads are automatically generated based on matches on their website and includes graphical elements of the given sport and dynamic odds that are updated every 20 minutes.

Thanks to converting clients´ static product images into dynamic video ads or slideshows we see up to 2x higher CTR and 3x higher ROI compared to traditional static images.

We’ll take your business to the next level.

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