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Use our architecture of strong accounts and let us prevent or quickly resolve any problems you encounter thanks to our official partnership with the biggest media channels.

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We can protect you from hack attacks with the use of our technology as well as regular manual checks. We guarantee your protection.

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Our senior performance experts, data-scientists, creative artists and client partners ensure that you grow with us as large as possible in a timely manner, to the benefit of you. We benefit from your growth too.



Get our professional support for the top tools in the market at much better rates with us. Or use our own advanced technology for e-commerce, analytics, e-mailing, and for your global growth management.

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Do not worry about financial problems again. Our strong Credit Line with Facebook, Google, TikTok, (…) ensures no limits, we offer regular financial assistance and prepaid media budget is refundable at your request.

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  • Fortuna – 50 % cheaper user acquisitionFortuna Entertainment Group is the largest Central European betting operator. It is headquartered in Netherlands and allows users to bet on their favorite sports teams. They were able to grow new user acquisition with our help for the Ice Hockey World Championship and the European Football Championship.
  • Tefal – 153 % increase in organic reachTefal, a multinational manufacturer of kitchen utilities, sought help with their social media: the task seemed simple – to increase the brand awareness and to attract the attention of the target group once again. Our solution was to redesign their social media strategy in order to provide their fans more engaging content.
  • Ecwid – 190 % lift in conversionsEcwid, an e-commerce solution based partly in the US and partly in Russia, is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling online. Operating in 175 countries, Ecwid e-commerce platform is designed for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business by selling through online stores and on […]
  • – Maximizing the potential of dynamic remarketingAllegro, the largest marketplace in the Polish market, is selling a wide range of goods from electronic components to clothing, furniture, and industrial machinery. As Facebook dynamic remarketing campaign managers, we always try to come up with new ideas to fulfill the potential of dynamic remarketing. In September 2018, we launched our first campaigns targeting […]
  • DM drogerie – 70% employees from online channelsThe international company dm drogerie markt s.r.o recruited many new employees into a newly-built warehouse in the Czech Republic within a period shorter than two months. Most employees were recruited through Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads thanks to a sophisticated strategy created in cooperation with Business Factory  and ROI Hunter (Facebook Marketing Partner).
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