What are our 5 core company values?

In the Business Factory, we defined five values, based on common brainstorming. Let’s introduce them and show, how we use them in practice.

Specifically, they are these – FAIRNESS, GROWTH, CREATIVITY, RELIABILITY, and JOY. In the following lines, we present one practical example of each value. 

  • Within FAIRNESS we prefer open communication, which we demonstrate, for example in our quartal meeting. There, we always meet up together and the company openly presents results, our goals, flow, etc. 
  • GROWTH – Growth of the company is just as important as the growth of each one of us. Development and personal education support is the basis of our know-how. 
  • CREATIVITY is the main stone of every good effort/job. Thanks to the courage and ideas of our BF creative persons, we also won the 1st place in Recruitment Academy Awards in the category kariérní video roku – malé firmy. You can find the winning video here – Click&Play.
  • RELIABILITY of each of us is really visible, for example, in the current situation. At this moment, all of us are working from home and it isn’t mean to relax for us. It means responsibility and everyday communication. We believe, that this experience will only strengthen us.  
  • JOY -When we enjoy work, we have better results. We share joy, enthusiasm and don’t forget about team buildings, parties and also meetups out of working hours.

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