We’ve tested “Customize Placement Ads”

Facebook recently introduced a new “Personalization” feature, or “Asset Customization,” which is based on selecting different creative sizes for different placements. At Business Factory we began testing immediately, and we’ll share the results in this article. 

Over the summer, Facebook began importing a new “Asset Customization” feature into accounts that allows you to insert different banners within a single ad. Item customization is set through Ad group level → Location → Edit placement → Select all placements that support customization of items. 

Initially, this feature was only available for four placements, but currently Facebook has expanded to eleven. This number may vary for different accounts. We also discovered that the number of placements could be the same, but with a slightly different selection. 

Ad settings 

Sub-creatives are selected at the ad level. This applies only to single image, video, or slideshow ads. 

In the first phase, you upload a picture as usual. The format does not matter. We usually start with a classic 1200 x 628 px image. Then you will see the button “For different placements use a different image.’’ There is no need to always have another version of the image for each placement. For those where you do not plan to have a different creative, the 1200 x 628 px will be automatically selected. 

How was the test run? 

At Business Factory, we began to test our feature from the very beginning, with just four placements: Facebook Channels, Instagram and Audience Network. We created three image sizes (see illustrative images from the Business Factory HR campaign). 

We launched the test for 15 days in the form of a split test – Customized Items versus Automatic Location. At the same time, we tested multiple features on multiple clients. 

And the results?  

The results surprised us. Even though we had very limited placement options, our test showed positive results from a set of customized ads. Aggregated results from all tests show that the winning ad sets… 

  • earned on average 60% more conversions (than automatic placements)
  • resulted in an average cost per conversion (CPA) that was 40% lower (than automatic placement)

After the test, we decided to keep only the winning variants. In the following 30 days, ad group performance increased even more – the cost per conversion (CPA) in this time period decreased by 20% on average. We now see that with increasing locations, the results are constantly improving. 

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