We’re investing €1 million in Innovation Lab

Our new department is called Innovation Lab. We have set a goal to develop our clients by analyzing user data, building on personalized advertising and developing unique advertising technologies. At Business Factory we see the future of marketing at work with big data and we have decided to invest one million euros in this area.

Karel Tlusťák, the CEO of Business Factory, justifies his investment decision as follows: “We have 10 years of experience in creating marketing technologies. And using our know-how, we would now like to make the most of the Innovation Lab department.”  

We are a major player in online marketing and have succeeded in developing tools and technologies in our field. As Business Factory, we have been at the forefront of the development of the ROI Hunter platform, which we use to effectively manage Facebook advertising for large advertisers. Through our Openshop project, we help e-shop owners to create mobile apps. This was followed by the Arbitreo platform designed for publishers and advertisers. Among other unique technology solutions, we can mention Retail Solutions, which enables linking online with offline and real-time tracking of the impact of online promotion on offline sales. 

One of the projects our new Innovation Lab is working on is the implementation of the Marketing Data Warehouse. 

In one place, we will aggregate data for the client from all of its advertising channels, CRMs, stores and also measurement systems. Based on the analysis of these data and the subsequent machine learning, we will be able to have enough valid documents for strategic recommendations to clients in the field of advertising and its automation. Our vision is to be a marketing technology partner for companies.


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