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We opened a new branch in Bratislava

Since August 2018, Business Factory has had 5 branches. Along with Brno, Prague, Warsaw and Dubai, we have now added Bratislava. You could say the new opening was a present for the 9th birthday of our company.

In Slovakia, we want to provide our clients with high-quality and effective marketing. In Slovakia, we are the first and only official Ads Facebook Marketing Partner and we have great potential in developing Facebook advertising. Branch management is now led by Kristína Hoštáková, Country Director.

"My task is to start the agency in the Slovak market, to be available to find new Slovak clients and to help them with potential problems. Also to provide education in the field of FB advertising, which is very important to us as a Facebook Marketing Partner. In the near future, I intend to organize marketing education events - sessions, conferences or lectures – dedicated to news in the world of advertising, Facebook, etc. "

And what is happening in the Bratislava branch?

We have begun cooperation with our first clients. We are preparing retail events and are dedicated to marketing education. As one of the most current and important topics, we perceive links between online and offline advertising; Jan Pátek spoke about this at Online summit 2018. We also devoted our attention to this topic at a breakfast we organized for Slovak market makers and retailers.

In Slovak, you can also read more about our Slovak branch in local print Medialne.etrend.sk.

Published: 7. 12. 2018

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