Ways e-commerce and non-e-commerce businesses can use Facebook dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are a great way for advertisers to create highly personalized ads that promote products to the right people at the right time, i.e. where they are currently in their customer journey. Although Dynamic ads are typically associated with e-commerces, the cases below might make you reconsider!

Dynamic ads for non-e-commerce business!

Depending on the type of industry you operate in, Facebook has made it easier for some to use dynamic ads. This is why we have dynamic ads for promoting products, vehicles, flights, destination, or home listings. If you don’t see your business type here, don’t get discouraged as dynamic ads can be used for all verticals. Here are some examples of using dynamic ads creatively.

1. Promote your blog posts with dynamic ads

When using dynamic ads to promote your articles, the articles serve as products, and all product info will be the article’s information. For example, the product id will be the article’s id; the product description will be the article’s description and so on. Have in mind that you don’t need to rename the product feed’s columns, only the contents of it.

Promoting your articles this way, allows you to save time and automate a tedious process. Plus, you can easily choose whom you will target; new or existing audience.

promoting blog posts on Facebook dynamic ads

2. Promote your betting services with dynamic ads

To use dynamic ads top promote betting services, we substitute the products for matches/games and take of advanced product feed offerings by changing product availability based on time. Since matches are time-sensitive, we need to ensure that no match would get advertised after the betting period has ended.

Although these are just two cases, dynamic ads can be used for the majority of the verticals out there; dating, video courses, etc.

Making the most out of your dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are a powerful tool in Facebook advertiser’s arsenal. Regardless of the type of products or services ou are looking to promote with Dynamic Ads, make sure that you take advantage of their full capabilities. Below are some ways to do:

1. Use creative templates with your Dynamic Ads

In an endless newsfeed where a majority of the ads look the same, you should create and apply custom templates to your dynamic ads to help stand out and grab your ad viewer’s attention. Depending on the period you are advertising in you can create Christmas, Valentine’s day, Black Friday inspired templates. You can also create “evergreen” templates that include your logo and your brand’s colors.

Customizing your ad Facebook dynamic ad experience

2. Make your dynamic ads country/region-specific

Did you that Facebook released two new features that help you target your ideal audience within a country where many languages are spoken? Creating multi-language dynamic ads is very straight forward. Set up the dynamic ads campaign the way you normally would, and use the ‘Create in Different Languages’ option.

Multi-language and multi-country dynamic ads

Have in mind that this will only change the ad’s copy, not the information that comes from your product feed.

If you are promoting your products across countries that have different currencies and you need to tailor product information to the language of your audience, then you need to create additional feeds that will include currency information (one feed) and country/language information (second feed).

Add product information screen

Both secondary feeds can be set up in your Catalog Manager. If you are targeting an international audience consider tailoring your ads to match their language. The chances are that your ads will convert better.

Screenshot of description

A secondary feed that holds information on different languages will look something like the above screenshot. You need the product id which uniquely identifies your product, then state the overrides for each country-language combination and provide the all necessary product info for each language.

For currencies, you will work similarly. Provide the product id, the country and the price in the country’s currency.

Screenshot of price

3. Animate your dynamic ads

Using animations in Facebook dynamic ads
Screenshot of catalog assets

The slideshow dynamic ads format helps display your products to users from different angles, including close-ups, without users having to click on the ad. This way, you bring the web experience straight in the users’ NewsFeed. To create Slideshow Dynamic Ads you only need to include multiple images of the same product in the feed as opposed to only one and check the box ‘show when available’ under ‘Catalog Assets’.

What ate the ways you used dynamic ads in a creative way? Let us know in the comments below!

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