The Leaders’ Factory was opened in Business Factory

The Leaders’ Factory in Business Factory! Are you curious about what this means? This new internal project focuses on people development according to our company values

One of the commitments for this year at Business Factory is to become better People Leaders for our people. Where to start?  We are supporting our People Leaders on this leadership journey and helping them with all their efforts.  

Creativity and innovation are a common part of every day life at Business Factory (our pure essence). Together, we are all searching for the best way to always be on the same page and support our people to grow together with the company and lead them to success. 

We will organize a cycle of workshops with our excellent consultant from Flexjobs, Eva Pánková and step-by-step build a solid base for all our people. Our leadership journey has already started and we anchored with clear goals for 2019. Prior to our next workshop, we are working on roles and responsibilities clarity overall and on our soft-skills.  

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