Eta.cz – Jak jsme na Vánoce zvedli meziroční tržby e-shopu o 313%?

Značka ETA je v českém prostředí velmi dobře známá. Její historie sahá až do roku 1943 a téměř v každé české domácnosti najdeme některý z jejich spotřebičů. Kromě e-shopu eta.cz naleznete produkty s touto značkou také u velkých elektro specialistů i v malých prodejnách. Správu Google a Sklik kampaní jsme převzali s jasným zadáním. Zaměřit […]

Fortuna – 50 % cheaper user acquisition

Fortuna Entertainment Group is the largest Central European betting operator. It is headquartered in Netherlands and allows users to bet on their favorite sports teams. They were able to grow new user acquisition with our help for the Ice Hockey World Championship and the European Football Championship.

Allegro.pl – Maximizing the potential of dynamic remarketing

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Allegro, the largest marketplace in the Polish market, is selling a wide range of goods from electronic components to clothing, furniture, and industrial machinery. As Facebook dynamic remarketing campaign managers, we always try to come up with new ideas to fulfill the potential of dynamic remarketing. In September 2018, we launched our first campaigns targeting […]

DM drogerie – 70% employees from online channels

The international company dm drogerie markt s.r.o recruited many new employees into a newly-built warehouse in the Czech Republic within a period shorter than two months. Most employees were recruited through Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads thanks to a sophisticated strategy created in cooperation with Business Factory  and ROI Hunter (Facebook Marketing Partner).

TransferGo – 5.2X increase in activations

International money transfer company worked with Business Factory and ROI Hunter (Facebook Marketing Partner) to help it increase number of activated users 5.2 times.

OSHEE – 17% of viewers watched entire videos

This sports drink company’s first major Facebook ad campaign gave a major boost to brand awareness in Poland and above-average ad recall, thanks to memorable made-for-Facebook videos featuring sports heroes and influencers.

Allegro – 7.4X increased ROI

To be able to fully and effectively optimize your marketing activities it is important to know all the details about your data which influence the success or failure of your chosen strategy. It’s quite often a big challenge to depend on data from multiple external sources at the same time. That is why we worked […]