Vuch – 4900% increased global sales

The goal of Vuch‘s collaboration with Business Factory was to strengthen brand awareness, increase domestic sales and successfully expand abroad in the short term. We’ve used the latest tools and know-how to do just that, and the tag-teamed e-shop has now become a big international project.

Date9. 11. 2017
AuthorKristína Hoštáková









From launching the e-shop to selling 400 products later

Vuch: a term often used not only in Bohemia, but also in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and, most recently, Romania. The brand, with its friendly approach and top copywriting, communicates with its customers and provides them with the latest fashion accessories.

It was not so long ago that Vuch started out with its Internet sales. About three years ago, this e-shop was launched and only sold a few wallets. Today, Vuch offers approximately 400 products that it can provide to its loyal customers and which contribute to the success of their sales. Finally, it is nice to walk down the street and see a woman with a Vuch handbag or hear someone talk about new Vuch wallets and notice as this brand grows from year to year.

Today, more than 10 people work for Vuch, handling more than 150 orders a day out of season. Before Christmas, this figure can only climb to over 500 orders a day. This year’s turnover should even reach up to 40 million Czech crowns.

Strengthen brand awareness

Vuch is the project of two friends who began their sales in the Czech Republic, and from the very beginning they chose Business Factory for their marketing launch. The goal of Vuch’s collaboration with Business Factory was to strengthen brand awareness, increase domestic sales and successfully expand abroad in the short term.

Wide audience and quality copywriting


In each country (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania), Vuch started with a similar strategy. The acquisition video was targeted to a broad audience, targeting basic interests of their customers, and they gradually used remarketing for their banners and other creatives. 


Vuch has opted for creative and creative copywriting since its beginnings, which clearly strengthens love for the brand. We can see this with every single product. Let’s look, for example, at the Moonlight Collection

Who does not love the dawn? Perfect pink clouds, with which the heavenly painter dyed the evening sky. And he never moves. The Alpenglow bag is shrouded in the color of the dawn and, just like the dawn itself, it will make you feel good.

A similar strategy has been chosen by BF and, from the beginning, customers are trying to find the most accessible approach on social networks. BF’s texts are fully adapted to the target group, especially for women aged 18-45. 


In addition to texts, it is also worth mentioning Vuch Creative. Because of this brand’s strategy, it is more than necessary to change creative and attractive banners that never fail to catch your eye. 

The banners are regularly updated, whether for season changes, with the introduction of new collections, or with the arrival of Christmas or the beginning of a new school year, etc. All changes, as well as “Unchanged” elements, can be seen in click-through-rate (CTR) movements, that is to say, or pre-clicabilities. 

Facebook Dynamic Ads 

At the core of Vuch’s success in their Facebook campaigns is dynamic advertising and the way that BF can set them up. One of the greatest benefits of these dynamic ads is undoubtedly the RH Template Editor, which distinguishes these ads and leads them to excel over all other dynamic ads on Facebook. 

Template Editor dynamically modifies individual Facebook feed images based on creative templates. This allows ads to have higher CTRs, more transactions, and higher revenue. You can see examples of the templates used by Vuch in the pictures below. 

Mix of channels 

Thanks to the ROI Hunter platform, Business Factory can link data from Facebook Pixel with Google Analytics to track and analyze ads throughout the entire purchase process. With the Vuch project, it is really interesting to see how each channel in this brand supports each other.

Sales are evaluated globally throughout the marketing mix, i.e. all marketing costs (both FB and GA) are calculated. Although both Facebook and Google Adwords work separately and both show great results with low COS (Cost of Sales), it is interesting to add that their success is partly dependent on each other; discontinuing campaigns on one platform negatively impacts the revenue from the other. 

From the Czech Republic to 4 other countries

In the conclusion we have to remember how well Vuch has developed over the years. The project of two friends has finally grown by huge proportions. Since its beginnings in the Czech Republic, it has gradually expanded using the same start-up strategies in neighboring countries and now operates in five countries. It is an excellent example of a strong brand that grows year to year from zero and is continually moving forward and providing loyal customers with reliability, friendliness and original products. 


  • Increased global sales by 4900%
  • Increase in domestic sales by 3005%
  • Increased global traffic by 269%
  • Increase in home traffic by 78%