Tipsport – 50% less expensive leads

When launching a Facebook campaign, the main requirement of the biggest Czech bookmaker, Tipsport, was to save time for its preparation, optimization and ongoing management. With the automated processes of the ROI Hunter platform, they have been able to increase overall ad volume while lowering lead prices.

Date22. 9. 2016
AuthorMonika Homolková







The biggest Czech bookmaker

Tipsport is the biggest bookmaker in the Czech Republic and is quickly adapting to the digital age with Facebook advertising and ROI Hunter platforms.

A campaign that saves time

The goal was to create a long-term Facebook campaign that wouldn’t require too much time for preparation, optimization or other manual management. Automation has helped us achieve our goal, while lowering the lead price and getting better overall results at a lower budget.

Dynamic ads for the acquisition of new users

The data generated from the Tipsport CRM database was converted to a valid Facebook feed. Then we set up automated graphics generation and created dynamic ads for the acquisition of new users.

Using Feed Manager in ROI Hunter, Tipsport created a valid Facebook feed aligned with Facebook’s requirements, with the right tags and conversion names. To produce Facebook-friendly creatives, we’ve taken advantage of the Template Editor option, which offers a template for transforming images from a database into banners.

Once we had uploaded a valid feed, we set up a prospective campaign targeting the age and interests of users. The broad targeting of the campaign brought completely new users by displaying organic News Feed posts that seemingly merged with other posts. The most leads were gained through a story about recent winners on Tipsport.

Lower lead price and more impressions

Using ROI Hunter, we’ve set dynamic ads to avoid showing the same creatives. It brought a higher frequency of ad views without any negative impact on clickthrough rate.

A higher CTR has helped reduce advertising costs and gain more impressions. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of ads that could be displayed at the same time, and so the volume of the campaign has increased. At the same time we have saved a lot of time, which was one of the client’s priorities.

What the campaign brought?

  • 50% less expensive leads
  • 2.7x higher ad volume
  • 71% higher engagement

With Feed & Template Editor in ROI Hunter and a unique dynamic ad strategy, we’ve saved a lot of time to manage your campaigns and run a dynamic ad that surpasses static performance. Now we are able to export the collected data to a valid feed and maintain a high standard of visuals thanks to graphic templates.