Tefal – 153 % increase in organic reach

Tefal, a multinational manufacturer of kitchen utilities, sought help with their social media: the task seemed simple – to increase the brand awareness and to attract the attention of the target group once again. Our solution was to redesign their social media strategy in order to provide their fans more engaging content.

Date25. 9. 2019
AuthorMartin Hudec







Spice up your meals with some love!

Tefal, part of a multinational Group SEB company, makes an effort to bring joy to the process of cooking by production of reliable and innovative kitchen utilities and household appliances. The brand aims mainly at mid-aged and older women interested in cooking and housework.

Attract the target group

Before our cooperation started, Tefal found itself struggling to get interest of the target audience on social media. Fans numbers were dropping not only in Czech Republic, but in Slovakia and Hungary as well. Furthermore, a significant part of the potential customers were mistaking Tefal with its local competitors, sending a clear message of insufficient brand building.

Focus on engagement

To help our client improve the unsatisfying numbers, we designed a whole new concept for its’ social media. Our goal was to provide the audience with interesting content and provoking interactions. Therefore, several new types of content were introduced: tips’n’tricks, humorous content, contests and riddles etc. Furthermore, additional adjustments to branding and unification of company’s social media communication were made. Let’s take a brief look at the proposed content types: 

  • Tips’n’tricks

Apart from appealing visuals, other important way to make your customers interested is simply posting content which brings some added value to them. It may be entertainment, interesting information or latest news.  

  • Entertaining content 

One of our main focuses when working on Tefal’s social media strategy was the audience’s entertainment – humour is always a good way to get the attention, especially in social media. People there are usually procrastinating, so they will gladly interact with funny posts (making it very easy for you to increase your brand awareness). Therefore, we introduced funny content filled with word puns, creative visuals and playful copy to bring more interactions to the content. 

  • Let them play 

People love to play, no matter the age. Moreover, people love to show off. Therefore, posting entertaining riddles or “mysteries” can be a good option to use this human nature to a brand’s advance. With Tefal, we decided to set up a new content type – riddles and various contests, which encouraged people to interact with the posts, resulting in high reactions and increased post reach. 

During the period of our collaboration we could observe rising numbers of average page organic reach, reactions and comments. Furthermore, our campaign speeded up the pace of page likes growth. Let’s take a look at the numbers: 

  • 21% increase in the number of page likes
  • Organic reach of FB increased by 153 % (Q2+Q3 2019 vs. 2018)
  • 2.81x more fans engaged with page’s content (Q2+Q3 2019 vs. 2018)
  • Fanbase in 01-08/2019 growing 14.3x faster compared to the same period in 2018

The Business Factory team set up the communication according to our demands. They conducted a well-designed consumer analysis and subsequently prepared a communication strategy which both entertains and educates our fans, resulting in their growing numbers. 

Jiří ProcházkaDigital Marketing Manager CE, Groupe SEB