OSHEE – 17% of viewers watched entire videos

This sports drink company’s first major Facebook ad campaign gave a major boost to brand awareness in Poland and above-average ad recall, thanks to memorable made-for-Facebook videos featuring sports heroes and influencers.

Date17. 1. 2019
AuthorTomáš Havlík





Hydration nation

Founded by Polish expert marketers and sports fans Dariusz Gałęzewski and Dominik Doliński, OSHEE’s range of more than 50 sports drink products are currently available in 27 international markets.

Propelling the brand in Poland

OSHEE wanted to build brand awareness among as many people as possible in Poland and draw attention to its Vitamin Water product line.

Making an impact with video ads

OSHEE worked with agency Business Factory to create short, attention-grabbing videos for its Facebook and Instagram ad campaign. Together, they created 4 versions that were adapted from OSHEE’s TV ads, which were running concurrently. Made in a mobile-friendly, Facebook-optimized format, OSHEE’s videos featured Polish football legend Robert Lewandowski and popular vlogger Vin Milton.

During July 2018, OSHEE showed video ads to a broad audience of people ages 16–49 in Poland. Ad delivery was optimized for reach, and the ads appeared in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and Instagram Stories. OSHEE then conducted a Facebook brand lift study to evaluate the impact of the ads on audiences.

Peak performance

OSHEE’s 4-week video ad campaign scored a major boost in brand awareness, creating a strong foundation for future direct response campaigns:

  • 17% of viewers watched entire videos
  • 11-point lift in ad recall

Products Used:

  • Video Ads – Capture attention with engaging video ads.
  • Instagram – Promote your business to an engaged audience.
  • Ads in Stories – Share your story with immersive full-screen ads.
  • Measurement – Make better marketing decisions based on insights.

Our Vitamin Water Facebook campaign was complementary to an above-the-line campaign that was running at the same time. It was the first time in OSHEE’s history that we tried this kind of paid reach activity on social media. The audience insights we gained from the campaign were incredibly valuable—for example, we learned that 91% of video views occurred on mobile.