Invia – 88% better ROI

Invia is the biggest internet travel agency in the Czech Republic providing vacation packages from over 300 tour operators on the Czech and Slovak market. Within a 12-year history, they have served more than 1 million happy customers supported by guarantee of the lowest prices on the market. They decided to expand from AdWords to Facebook, where the Czech audience is almost 4.5 million people that can be reached.

Date21. 8. 2015
AuthorLucie Hušková









How to target holiday lovers?

The main aim was to target people who are thinking about a vacation, actively searching but have not decided yet. And of course to save time on optimization and managing Invia’s ads. We wanted to prove that Facebook can bring high ROI in the high volume and demonstrate that Facebook dynamic product ads are a really powerful strategy. The impressive numbers we gained within two months reveal the great potential of this type of product ads.

Smart segmentation and A/B testing

Together with Invia, we divided visitors into the segments according to the viewed category and time since their last visit. Then we used Facebook dynamic product ads to provide them up-to-date offers from the catalog with high-quality promo pictures, discounts and tailored messages bounded to each country. Thanks to website custom audiences based on predictive re-marketing, Business Factory found the best performing offer according to data from Google Analytics and recommended it to the relevant audience.  

We also ran A/B testing, when we hit different audiences with the same ad to see which ads were successful and were worthy to be supported. Those ads which weren’t performing well were stopped with automatic rules which we had set up before to save the budget (stopping unsuccessful ads or boosting bids on best performing ones). Invia’s marketers could see the performance right away thanks to deep integration with Google Analytics so they kept full control of their budget. Facebook DPAs became the most efficient tool in this campaign.

Significant improvement of all results

We used advanced marketing platform ROI Hunter and brought monthly last touch ROI of 106x and increased revenue by 114%. The cost per transaction went down by 41% and the conversion rate up by 85% in two months! The differences between old campaigns without Facebook DPA and campaigns with DPA within the same time period were significant. 

Used Features:

  • Facebook dynamic product ads
  • Carousel ads
  • WCA based Predictive Re-marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Boost post
  • Automatic rules

ROI Hunter provided us the opportunity to easily and efficiently approach people in target audiences of selected countries who are actively looking for a vacation. Thanks to the connection between Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) and Website Custom Audiences (WCA), we managed to offer our customers vacations, they are actually interested in and which would suit them the best.