DM drogerie – 70% employees from online channels

The international company dm drogerie markt s.r.o recruited many new employees into a newly-built warehouse in the Czech Republic within a period shorter than two months. Most employees were recruited through Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads thanks to a sophisticated strategy created in cooperation with Business Factory  and ROI Hunter (Facebook Marketing Partner).

Clientdm drogerie markt
Date16. 9. 2019
Author Eva Čalkovská





Dm offers everyone the opportunity to express their individuality

Dm drogerie markt s.r.o. is one of the most popular drugstore markets in the Czech Republic and in Central and Southeastern Europe it is one of the largest drugstore chains. Their long-term company philosophy puts people ́s individuality in the centre of interest. This philosophy  is also clearly explained by their motto, “Here is where I am a human being, here is where I shop.” This philosophy is reflected in benefits for their employees too. All these things help build the employer brand that is very important for long-term satisfaction of all employees.  

Increase the number of job seekers for a newly-opened warehouse

Their goal was to increase the number of job seekers interested in working at the warehouse and help to effectively recruit employees during the first recruitment selection process. We were provided with only 40 days to achieve all this.

Creative ads variety and fast response to all job seekers

The biggest challenge was to reach relevant job seekers in a small area during a very short period of time. The main task was to clearly define our target group, the key communication messages and the radius for advertising to reach around the warehouse location. 

During the first step we decided to spread awareness of the employment and the company benefits using video ads. Thanks to positive reactions from many reached users, we had a large audience for remarketing campaigns coming later.  

After publishing job positions, we launched the first Website Lead Ads with automatic placement optimization. In remarketing campaigns, we focused on the audience from our previous video campaigns and visitors from our client´s career website. Based on the previous creativity split tests, we launched slideshow ads that helped us clearly and briefly summarize the main job benefits in dm drogerie.  

In our acquisition campaigns we wanted to convey all key communication messages to the right users. The right choice proved to be the Dynamic Creative Optimization that helped us combine the best key messages and creativity and bring all of this to the right users at an efficient budget spend.   

Our Success in Numbers

Online campaigns on Facebook and Instagram brought the majority of new employees.

  • More than 30% of employees came from campaigns on social networks.
  • 70% of employees were brought through online channels, 30% of employees through offline channels.
  • Every fifth FB and IG Job Seeker became an employee.

All results were evaluated based on the internal survey of newly-recruited employees and compared with the results from Facebook Ads Manager.