BFashion – 3X sales growth

Ecommtech company BFashion and Business Factory put on a performance marketing masterclass to acquire new customers and drive online sales across 15 countries.

DateSeptember 2014
AuthorJan Pátek







Good-looking growth

BFashion is a retail platform launched in Bulgaria in 2006, and later merged into Netherlands-based Ecommtech International JSC. It offers thousands of products from premium brands to up-and-coming designers, and is active in 15 different markets.

But growth in the fast-paced ecommerce business is challenging. BFashion has to contend with constant changes to its stock, varying prices across regions and the logistical challenges of different time zones and currencies. Like the rest of the retail industry, BFashion has also seen its customers shift to mobile devices, where conversion rates are traditionally lower than desktop.

Real-time results

BFashion wanted to improve its return on investment and increase profitability by selling more products to more customers. To do this, it needed an ad solution that could optimise auction bids in real time while responding to the changing demands of customers.

Facebook is the complete package for performance marketers. With multi-product ads, mobile News Feed, Custom Audiences and conversion pixels, we have an end-to-end solution that is transforming the way we do business online.


Partnering for success

That solution was provided by agency Business Factory and platform ROI Hunter (Facebook Marketing Partner) which brought together different data sources, including Google Analytics and BFashion’s own revenue data, to inform a real-time bid optimization strategy on Facebook.

“Facebook is a great direct response platform because it enables our clients to perform smart, people-based remarketing, as well as finding new customers at scale,” says Karel Tlusťák, CEO of ROI Hunter. “On mobile, we have almostfull-screen real estate, so we were able to showcase BFashion’s products in a powerful way to the right audience, with a strong call to action to visit the website.”

ROI Hunter automated the creation of ads from BFashion’s XML feed, which allowed it to massively scale ad rollout (up to 50,000 in 15 countries) with a small team. Working with BFashion’s product feed allowed us to see the performance of every ad and take swift action, whether that was deleting ads on sold products or doubling down on high-performing creative.

“Our platform enables BFashion to automatically control large amounts of very precisely targeted ads and optimizethem based on Google Analytics data,” explains Tlusťák. “They can reach the right people at the right time in the center of their attention—the News Feed.”

Many of the ads used Facebook’s new multi-product ad unit, which allowed BFashion to showcase the maximum number of products in a dedicated ad unit at the heart of the mobile News Feed. To make sure the ads were only served to relevant people, we used website Custom Audiences to create a cluster of people who had visited or taken an action on the BFashion site. Finally, it created a lookalike audience of people on Facebook who shared similar characteristics to its current customers and used conversion pixels to accurately measure the correlation between people who saw ads on Facebook and online sales.

High fashion, high ROI

“Facebook is now our most successful direct response channel,” says Jonathan Krist. “It gives us the right tools to showcase our products, target the right people and track conversions. It’s the complete package for performance marketers.”

As a result of the campaigns it ran throughout 2014, BFashion achieved:

  • 3X growth in sales
  • 1.2X conversion rate versus Search
  • 25% increase in conversion rate with ROI Hunter

Website Custom Audiences are an incredibly powerful targeting tool that enables us to find and engage people who we know already have an interest in BFashion. It’s the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.