Allegro – 7.4X increased ROI

To be able to fully and effectively optimize your marketing activities it is important to know all the details about your data which influence the success or failure of your chosen strategy. It’s quite often a big challenge to depend on data from multiple external sources at the same time. That is why we worked together with the developers of ROI Hunter and implemented data from Allegro’s internal system. In this way, we managed to make our work more effective and saved many hours of work weekly, which we could then use towards effective optimization.

Date17. 11. 2017
AuthorTomáš Havlík



20h →1min


How it all began

When you are using many different systems for measuring the impact of your campaigns, each of the systems is adding its piece of valuable information to the whole view. But what if the different systems are not speaking the same language? You can easily lose track of valuable information which you would normally use to improve your results. This can lead to big mistakes in planning your next steps and in the long term, to much worse results than you could have otherwise achieved. Everybody who has tried to connect data from Facebook and Google Analytics in the past knows this situation. Luckily for us, we are able to see data from both systems in one place thanks to our ROI Hunter platform.

But what happens if there is one extra system added to your process of reporting the results? This was exactly the case with Allegro, one of the biggest Polish online stores with any kinds of goods you could imagine. Allegro has its own internal CRM system, which they use for reporting the real sales results from all their acquisition sources. That means that to get the real outcome of their marketing activities we had to use many different systems at the same time.

For us – employees of Business Factory – it meant hours and hours of manual pairing of thousands of unique data from Allegro’s internal system with our results from Facebook. As a result, it meant that we usually lost valuable time on basic tasks that could have been done by computers instead of focusing on a detailed analysis of the results and optimizing our campaigns for the best results. It was necessary to automate this process!

The old process:

  • Send a weekly excel sheet with campaign details.
  • Manually match thousands of campaigns, ad sets and ads to the corresponding spending.
  • Lay down.
  • Cry.
  • Repeat

Challenge 1:

Their system was set up to calculate data sets such as:

  • Number of transactions
  • Gross revenue
  • Net revenue

Facebook has completely different parameters with which it analyses campaign performance. The result is a limited and delayed understanding of a campaign’s performance.

Challenge 2:

Their system lacks information about the ads that brought a visitor to the website. To solve this, marketers often use UTM tags like “campaign” and they keep the relations in their heads for further analysis. However, this approach is impossible for thousands of campaigns.

The Win

What we both needed was a tailored solution so that ALL three systems could provide useful information for quick feedback and analysis. So, our team of Solution Engineers came up with this solution:

  • We would add our unique ROI Hunter ID to the UTMs which were made for each ad. The ID could look something like this: utm_content=at1!12526154.
  • Allegro would then export their real results from their own internal system. As a result, they would be able to tell that for each unique ROI Hunter ID (utm_content=at1!12526154) there were, for example, 13 transactions and an X amount of gross and net revenue. This would then be uploaded automatically to our secured FTP server.
  • Our Solution Engineers then prepared a back-end algorithm that matched our ID with Allegro’s actual spending, gathered from Facebook data, on the campaign, ad set and ad levels.
  • The data is updated hourly so that our PPC guys can see near real-time results of the campaign for instant adjustments and optimization.

So, what was the result?

We saw better results almost immediately after we managed to implement this technical solution.

  • Within three weeks we were able to fully match all data sets for an automated workflow.
  • Days of work were whittled down to minutes so that campaigns could be optimized at every level.
  • We had free time to try other tests to further drill down into data that we received from Facebook pixels like clicks, impressions and an in-depth analysis that has actionable results for sales.
  • Increased ROI 7.4X compared to the two previous months without the full integration.

Thanks to this solution we learned a valuable lesson: If you have a complete overview of all your data and resources, you will be able to act quickly and dramatically improve your results.

No other Allegro advertising partner has been able to separate categories as easily and on such a large scale as Business Factory.