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Our Click & Play recruiting video won 1st place in RAA 2019

Do you work in HR and look for a really unconventional and funny recruiting video? Then you must have come across a Deloitte New Zealand interactive video, which inspired us to create our own Click & Play recruitment video. And what is more, we won the “Career Video of the Year - Small Business” category at the Recruitment Academy Awards 2019


Our goal was not only to create a recruitment video, but also to show how it works in the Business Factory and where the company is heading. The format, playfulness and gamification were a clear choice as we wanted to pull the potential colleague in. "Thanks to the video, we can introduce our company, values and culture to the candidates even before they come to the interview,"  says Kateřina Francová, a Business Factory recruiter. 

We got a creative voucher from JIC and thanks to that we started cooperation with the Brno film studio Epicture. The filmmakers did their best and we had the opportunity to express our corporate values and what is important for us. And the result? Play our video here


We focused on corporate values in practice 

“Today, our work is not just about clicking the campaigns. We need our specialists to be familiar with client data too, because as a Marketing Technology Partner we work intensively with analyses. Everything is developing very quickly and it is important for us that each employee has an internal motivation to work on themselves constantly in accordance with our values.” 

Kateřina Francová, Business Factory recruiter


Do you also want to make an interactive video? See some tips below: 

  • An interactive video script is more difficult to create. Each scene has several variants, for example our video consisted of 21 video sequences. You have to keep the structure of each scene and think about it even when you load the video into the website.
  • Do you play video games? So you know that when you have to focus on the action, control must be so intuitive that you don't have to deal with it at all. It also applies to interactive video.
  • Be sure to verify that your video will run properly on the desktop and on most types of phones.
  • Many users will watch your video on a tram or in the doctor's waiting room, so captions are indispensable. Do not forget their size, it must be easy to read on the phone.
  • Do not consider whether your video wins first place in the competition. Do the things you enjoy the best you can, and when you get an official award, it's a very nice bonus.

Published: 11. 3. 2020

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