Our campaign for STUDENT AGENCY came in 2nd place at IEA19

We are delighted to be proud of this success! Our congratulations to Monica Homolková and her successful campaign on Letenky.cz for STUDENT AGENCY. Using new features of dynamic ads for flight tickets, she managed to reduce the CPA to half and won 2nd place in the Internet Effectiveness Awards 2019. 

The jury appreciated that it was possible to reduce the cost of one ticket order by 50% thanks to the new dynamic ad features for flight tickets on Facebook. 

Monika Homolková, Facebook Ads Specialist at Business Factory, says regarding the campaign: “Thanks to a reduction of CPA, advertising costs per one ticket purchase, I managed to sell 4.2 times more tickets with the same budget with remarketing and 1.3 times more through the acquisition of new customers. So the average CPA dropped by 50%. ”

Since 2000, the STUDENT AGENCY Group has worked up to their position as the largest Czech ticket seller and also one of the most important companies in their field in Slovakia. The goal of a long-term campaign is to maximize online ticket sales on studentagency.cz/letenky.

At the same time last year, we celebrated 3rd place at IEA18 for a campaign for the client Raiffesenbank. Previously, we also won 1st place in the same category for the client Česká spořitelna (2014) and 2nd place in the category “Consumer Goods, Services” for the client ZOOT (2016).

The Internet Effectiveness Awards 2019 competition is organized by the Association of Internet Solution Providers and is evaluated by an expert jury. The benchmark for project evaluation is overall success in relation to project costs and percentage of expression in an ROI calculation

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