Facebook Communities: Who helps admin groups in the Czech Republic?

Community Leadership Circles (CLC) is a program for local admins of Facebook groups, pages or events to connect administrators with each other and allow them to learn from each other. 

The goal of the program is to build stronger communities by supporting local leaders online and offline and to strengthen their role in the world. The program provides the highly involved administrators the opportunity to share their best practices and participate in leadership development meetings. 

ach circle is organized by a local administrative group – in the Czech Republic the group is managed by Tomas Kolacek from Business FactoryThis group then organizes online and offline events on behalf of Facebook, where administrators can teach each other and share working tips with others. 

The leader of the group then creates, develops and supports the local circle of people in the city in question. The leader organizes and plans personal activities based on materials received from Facebook. The leader has the opportunity to communicate directly with the Facebook team, gives Facebook feedback and tests new features for FB Groups. 

Facebook Community Leadership Circles: Prague 

Among all the groups in the world—CLC Chicago, Nashville, Dallas-Fort Worth—CLC Prague is the 4th largest CLC group worldwide (Update 09/2018). Their size and engagement are followed by, for example, London, Paris and Vienna, which are multiple agglomerations. 

CLC Prague is a group that is open to both small, socially-beneficial projects and for robust groups of hundreds of thousands of fans. 

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