Google Ads
Take your brand promotion a little further and advertise your video ads on YouTube. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube will help you to increase the ads reach and strengthen your brand.
Google Analytics may not always be the best way to interpret data. On the other hand, spreadsheets allow you to work with data easily, interlink them and make various graphs, calculations or predictions. Fortunately, Google created an add-on that enables you to download data directly from the Google Analytics API without any knowledge of the...
Do you have a lot of interesting videos? Are you wondering how to make video promotion more attractive to your target audience? Maybe Video Ad Sequencing is exactly what you need! In this article we will take a look at its possibilities and things you should beware of.  
As Google Premier Partner, we are testing one of the most efficient ways how you can measure brand campaigns. Together with our client, hobbymarket Bauhaus, we are happy to try new Google Analytics Attribution Model which takes into account not only ad clicks but also ad views. 
Up to 86% of shoppers were reached by digital ads in the 2017 pre-Christmas period. And as Christmas gets closer, every good PPC specialist should start to think about how to prepare and fine-tune the campaigns to the last detail.
On Black Friday, shops are always bursting at the seams. People start shopping for Christmas and want to take advantage of every discount and event. Black Friday is on Friday, November 23 this year, but discounts often last throughout the weekend. This is the starting point of the Christmas shopping fever, which is also supported...
If you decide to advertise on Google or Seznam, that is, on the AdWords platform or Sklik, you must adhere to the advertising policies. Depending on what type of business or activity you are dealing with, you may experience some limitations.