Business Factory announces partnership with TikTok

TikTok, the leading social network for short videos that currently sees exceptionable growth, has recently launched its advertising program for companies. ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, now operates in the markets which are key to us (Poland, Czech Republic), it has been a logical step for us to expand our portfolio with TikTok Ads.

Jan Pátek

TikTok? Not only for kids! 

TikTok’s audience is generally younger than whom you find on Facebook or Instagram. In the last months (especially during COVID-19), however, the age range has expanded and now, more than 50% of TikTokers are adults (18+) (more specific demographic data aren’t publicly shared by TikTok). That is why TikTok advertising now gains such traction, and why we see so much potential in it for brands.

Business Factory announces partnership with TikTok

From awareness to direct response

Thanks to the broad range of formats and optimization options, TikTok can easily cover the entire funnel. Although it is important to approach the platform and its users differently than on other platforms, TikTok advertising can be very effectively implemented in an online strategy.

Media buying options

TikTok offers media buying both through auction and reservation:

  • The reservation ads allows for exclusively booking premium in-app space for 24 hours. This means that for a day, nobody but you would appear on the same advertising spot. In fact, we can guarantee our clients a specific number of impressions, meaning we can charge based on a Cost Per Day pricing model.
  • The auction system works similarly as Facebook ads. There is a myriad of targeting options (e.g. gender, age, interests, language, and more) and optimization objectives (conversion, traffic, video views, app installs, or reach) which allow for precise targeting.

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