Jan Patek
Dynamic ads are a great way for advertisers to create highly personalized ads that promote products to the right people at the right time, i.e. where they are currently in their customer journey. Although Dynamic ads are typically associated with e-commerces, the cases below might make you reconsider! Dynamic ads for non-e-commerce business! Depending on...
Facebook will be eliminating the 28-day attribution window and replacing it with a 7-day click-through attribution window as early as January 2021, citing “Upcoming digital privacy initiatives affecting multiple browsers”. What is an attribution window  When someone views or clicks on your ad and then performs an action that matters to your business, i.e a...
Take your brand promotion a little further and advertise your video ads on YouTube. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube will help you to increase the ads reach and strengthen your brand.
Our new department is called Innovation Lab. We have set a goal to develop our clients by analyzing user data, building on personalized advertising and developing unique advertising technologies. At Business Factory we see the future of marketing at work with big data and we have decided to invest one million euros in this area.
Do you have a lot of interesting videos? Are you wondering how to make video promotion more attractive to your target audience? Maybe Video Ad Sequencing is exactly what you need! In this article we will take a look at its possibilities and things you should beware of.  
As Google Premier Partner, we are testing one of the most efficient ways how you can measure brand campaigns. Together with our client, hobbymarket Bauhaus, we are happy to try new Google Analytics Attribution Model which takes into account not only ad clicks but also ad views. 
The ability of sentiment evaluation in our surroundings is the key skill for human life. It is a great value also for every marketing oriented company. You will find an ideal indicator for this on Facebook. You just have to choose the right view and be ready to process a little bit of data.
Last year we managed our clients’ investments in online advertising of an amount of € 20 million. Thanks to the growth of our five branches, we expect to double this amount by 2019. This year’s focus will be on working with retailers who we offer a special Retail Accelerator program. 
We have been successfully managing performance campaigns for individual brands belonging to Groupe SEB (Tefal, Rowenta and Krups) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary for almost 3 years. Tefal’s management has recently decided to entrust Business Factory with management of its social networks. The advantage of this change is a unification of communication style and a...
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