4 positive reasons why we set company values in Business Factory

When you work in a business area, you undoubtedly met or at least heard about the company values. Some companies have already named and work with them. Values help them in many ways. We have them in Business Factory as well. Our values are very important and they are reflected in the day-to-day running of the company.

What are the “core values” and why are they so important for us? 

 Values support the company’s vision and structure of the culture. They are part of the company profile and identity. They reflect what is the company like and what features are important for us. Based on these values, a company can work with an overall vision and goals. 

Therefore, our values express where we want to move together and how we can reach this result. 

Company values setting provides us with many external and internal benefits:

  1. Based on values, the company is looking for potential future employees, who work with the same purpose and intentions – they are positively contributing in the workplace with their productivity, good results and healthy relationships in the workplace. Values already become prime during the hiring process and they could be used as a helpful tool for the recruiter. Recruiter in Business Factory matches our values with candidate values through similar questions – for example, what is important for him/her in work and within the team or which values are important for him/her in daily life and if he/she tries to act and behave according to them. Values can be traced from the behaviour of the individual, through the candidate’s behaviour and expression. 
  1. If a company is able to reflect and to live its values on daily bases, it becomes more attractive for the target group in the labour market and stands out from other companies (compared to companies that don’t have specified their values at the first place). Social sites can reflect company values too. For example, on Business Factory Facebook/Instagram we creatively present our everyday work-life, events, teambuildings and our work in the sign of passion, joy and our other values. Through social sites, potential candidates can identify themselves with our company values.
  1. Values help to shape the overall picture of the company. That is important not only for possible new clients and customers but also for employees. If the company adheres to its values, it can significantly contribute to supporting the motivation of the employees. That is why we are trying to keep our values right from the top of our organization structure – from the managers and team leaders. These can be simply reflected in every-day situations, for example by arriving at the scheduled meeting in the agreed time and prepared. We can say that this fairness works in the whole team because team members react to the behaviour of their manager and it becomes a win-win situation for both sides. 
  2. Values also help a company and when they are set and defined correctly, they can very easily patronize the bearing of the company and all of its internal processes. If we want to be very specific, we can talk about fairness in the company and fairness towards the client. In Business Factory, we are not only fair to each other, but also to our clients. This is demonstrated, for example, by providing them with the necessary data at agreed terms.    

Furthermore, values support the setting of the hiring process, where we follow a unified procedure for the recruitment of each position.


Kateřina Francová, Martina Justusová
Both authors are from the Business Factory HR department

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