Automotive Solutions

Connect online and offline and sell more cars.

Automotive challenges

Thanks to cooperation with leading automotive clients in Europe and the Middle East (for example Peugeot, Citroën, Suzuki) and their resellers we have learned that automotive is a very special vertical which needs to have a customized solution. If you compare it with e-commerce where we measure the decision process in days, in automotive we talk about months because the price of a purchased car is usually really high. This is the reason why we should think differently about the funnel.

What is the impact of ads on your brand?

  • Brand lifts on Facebook or YouTube allow us to measure the real impact of campaigns on your brand
  • Brand campaign and survey in one package without any required integrations
  • Providing independent  advertising measurement tools on your data that can measure
    • Ad recall
    • Favorability of your brand
    • Comparison with your competitors
    • Other custom metrics

Get relevant and valuable leads

All automotive car brands have a lot of car models divided into car classes. And every car is intended to the different target group. To get the maximum potential from this lead generation part, we frequently work with sophisticated data sources for creating exact target groups to reach customers with customized creatives. In this part we implement our Universal Lead Connector to connect hot leads in real time with your CRM - when we deliver a lead (test drive registration, pricelist request...) from an online campaign, it should be dispatched ideally in a few minutes after the lead to reach the highest conversion rate.  

Measure purchased cars with Offline Data Connector

If you imagine the whole process of buying a car, the final step is usually taking place in car showroom, therefore it is necessary to connect offline data online to track which purchases were affected by our campaign. Thanks to our Offline Data Connector we are able to connect data from your CRM and show the impact of the whole marketing funnel to your real business goals.

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