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ROI Hunter

Isn’t just an advanced advertising platform for managing Facebook and Instagram campaigns. It’s a great team of people who succeeded among world’s competitors.

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ROI Hunter

Leading tool for online marketers

OI Hunter originated as an internal project which was supposed to increase the efficiency of clients’ ads management and save us a lot of time which could be later used for more creative work.

Facebook included us within a Facebook Accelerate Programme during which we achieved our goal and won the programme. We thus became an official Facebook Marketing Partner..

We help marketers and companies grow and make profit

Our main objective is to offer the clients the latest findings and tools in online marketing. Therefore, our clients can still be a few steps ahead of their competitors and they can reach greater profit. But first of all, we save their time thanks to ads automation.

Our ads are running in more than 88 countries worldwide and our offices are found in Dubai, Singapore or São Paulo, Brazil.

Advanced data monitoring thanks to Google Analytics

As the only Facebook Marketing Partner, we have succeeded in getting a Google Analytics Partner Certificate and moved up among the world’s elite companies. Thanks to predictive remarketing and Google Analytics data, ROI Hunter is able to show relevant offers in the category advertised regardless of the device the customers are currently using. That’s why we have gained trust of so many clients whose e-shops amount to thousands of items and who know that cookies have already become obsolete.

Let the numbers
speak for us

thousand ads

We manage these and even more ads of our partners daily.

countries worldwide
we advertise in

We manage this all thanks to our own advanced tools and awesome people who are part of our team.