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Business Factory

PPC Tech Innovations

We have got over 10 years of experience in online marketing and have also developed our own set of tools which increase the effectiveness of our clients' PPC campaigns through technological innovations.

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Making PPC marketers' work more effective

You can only beat your competitors through Internet marketing innovations. Business Factory focuses mainly on:

  • interconnection of marketing platforms through API,
  • automation technologies (scripts, bulk operations tools, etc.),
  • using advanced rich media technologies when preparing the creatives,
  • quality data work using tools for data analysis (Open Refine, Google spreadsheets and others).

Creating banners using Banner template editor

Well matched creatives are a necessary part of a successful campaign. This implies the need to prepare banners for suitable products at the right time.

To do this, we can use Banner template editor which has the following advantages:

  • it enables designing and editing customized banner templates,
  • can repeatedly create hundreds of good-looking banners in different formats at the same time, even from a feed,
  • can automatically upload creatives divided into individual advertising sets by categories and products to Google Adwords,
  • banner product selection is based on sales data algorithm.

Bulk data editing in feed and conversion to different data formats

Displaying the right content to the customer at the right time is necessary for online campaigns to be successful. This is done by dynamic and product campaigns. Our technology helps to create the best quality feed:

  • automated addition of missing data without customer's intervention (e.g. missing EAN, product categories, goods in stock),
  • conversion of an xml feed to different formats,
  • enriching product names by suitable phrases based on a keywords analysis,
  • creating a more detailed category and subcategory structure to ensure effective bidding and more transparent reporting.

Original rich media creatives

Nowadays, great emphasis is placed on being different from the competitors. We are therefore continually looking for original creatives. Formats based on xhtml5 have proved to work the best:

  • Lead box advertising - lightbox format contains an inquiry or survey form,
  • Video in banner - a video ad which is a part of a standard GDN banner,
  • Custom dynamic ads - customized advertising templates working with feed data for dynamic campaigns (remarketing, prospecting),
  • Custom dynamic html5 templates for mobile applications,
  • Animated ad formats using GSAP - interactive ads which enable displaying animated effects.

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