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Getting the most out of PPC advertising potential and increasing the revenue of your Internet project is a piece of art. Our specialists have been doing it for more than 10 years and Business Factory has become a key Facebook and Google partner.

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Increase your revenue with online advertising

Our specialists are keen on designing a complex strategy including:

  • design of a fully-functional PPC strategy based on your business specifications,
  • technological consultation ensuring the fastest path to success (xml feed editing, landing pages, automation scripts, etc.),
  • consultation of how to set functional website analytics and advice on evaluation of business goals and KPIs.

Balanced mixture
of PPC products

We will help you to pick the right products based on your marketing budget. Our experts specialize in:

  • performance and brand campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Audience network,
  • quality video campaigns with perfect targeting to maximize positive influence on brand building of your project,
  • development of our own technological solutions for editing data in xml feed, using dynamic graphic templates, automation using scripts,
  • international campaigns in AdWords, Sklik, Yahoo and Bing,
  • advanced display campaigns across all ad exchanges using Google AdWords, Sklik, DoubleClick,
  • perfectly segmented Google Shopping campaigns.

Our own technologies and development department

Overall success of our PPC strategies is conditioned by high-quality technological background. Our specialists use links to Google and Facebook API and Google spreadsheets to develop a series of technological automation tools. This enables us to run the PPC campaigns effectively and thus achieve better results.

  • 30% increase in conversions,
  • 30% decrease in CPA,
  • 10× higher ROI.

The numbers say it all

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